Welcome to The Lab

Hidden beneath Mt. Eden's historic Crystal Palace Theatre, in the Ballroom, which was once a popular and notorious night club.  . Read the full history of the lab here..

Carrying on the musical heritage of the ballroom, this discrete, multi-room space is now one of the few remaining large recording studios in New Zealand. Highlights include a custom 70's Neve and an extensive collection of vintage, classic and industry standard recording equipment, all housed in a liberating environment infused with noir character and the ghosts of illegitimate children.

The basement is spacious, being more than enough room for one big studio, so there is a thriving community of like minded musicians and producers inhabiting the remaining areas, generating a hive of activity and collaboration. 

Conveniently located in Mt Eden Village,  with coffee, alcohol and food literally within stumbling distance.

The Lab Studio A

The Lab is a serious studio, reminiscent of a comfortable drawing room, and a place where artists and musicians can feel at ease in a playground of instruments. The collection of gear is a mix of iconic industry standards and bespoke curiosities, all ready for action at a moments notice. Couple this with the experience and chops of the resident engineer/producers Olly & Jol, and you'll be fending off the Tui nominations!

The main recording room is large without being excessively reverberant, displaying the balanced tonal characteristics only a polished wooden floor can bring. Built for the purposes of music and entertainment back in the 1920s, it sounds just as good today.

The isolation booth is large, enough for a full drum kit, with good sight lines through to the control room

Nestled among the control room’s couches, funky lamps, and racks of outboard, is the superb vintage Neve, keeping everything warm. Leave your troubles up the top of the stairs for a while and relax, it's a great place to spend the better part of a day.

The Oven

Just down the hall is The Oven, where you will usually find Jolyon Mulholland and his eclectic suite of instruments.

Featuring high end mics, preamps, great monitoring and an iso booth, it's the perfect environment for smaller sessions, overdubbing, mixing and writing etc.. 

There's even a window where real daylight makes it's way in!